My top 5 video games for Nintendo!

So these are my top 5 nintendo games. There are so many to choose from. So its ok if you disagree because there are ALOT of game they have made. So lets start!

So #5 goes to the Pokemon RPG Gaming Franchise.

Pokemon games for the gameboy and Ds are amazing. All of the games are excellent so I give the Pokemon RPG games a 5 because there are good and bad ones. For example Pokemon Black and Pokemon Emerald were good. But Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were pretty bad.

#4 goes to Super Mario Galaxy

This game is unique but doesn’t deserve  1st because Its not a long game. Don’t get me wrong it long, but not as long as my #1. But it has extremely creative levels. Plus its a fun game. You will never get bored of this because of all of its creative levels.

#3 goes to Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask and Ocarina of Time.

I have 2 game for this because Majoras Mask take place after Ocarina of time. They both have the same characters, enemies, and gameplay. Don’t Worry I will review these game but for now I will say Majors Mask is more fun and has more secrets than ocarina of time. But Ocarina of time to me is longer. I don’t know if its because when i beat it i had had no one helping me but anyways this was #3.

#2 goes to Super Mario Sunshine.

This Game i used to hate until i played it. The controls are amazing and so is the gameplay and the creativity put into this game. Anyway look forward to a review of this game too.

AND #1 goes to …… PIKMIN 2.

This Game is so addictive. And is a really long game. The graphics, controls, the length, the gameplay are the best! This game will never let you get bored . But it can make you mad. But anyway look forward to this game reviewed in a couple of weeks!



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