New Minecraft

When I reviewed Minecraft it was still in its beta 1.8. But now its in Minecraft 1.1. Yes there was an update 1.0 but not much was added. Anyway I will talk about everything that happened. So in villages now there’s villagers. They re added the snow biome. They enhanced the swamp biome. They added mushroom biomes where Mooshrooms will appear ( New Mob) which drops ALOT of items. The Mushroom biome is made out of Mycelium and has a bunch of huge mushrooms. Also no if you have 2 snow blocks and a pumpkin and stack them they will make a snow golem ( New Mob) which throws snow balls at enemies. They added new sounds to endermen and silver fish. And added the end which has the first boss in the game the enderdragon. It has 20,000 hearts and is difficult to defeat. The end has endstone and a bunch of endermen with a bunch of obsidian pillars. They added more to the nether. They added 2 mobs and a bunch of items. The 2 mobs are Magma Cubes and Blaze which drop items for potions which is also a new feature. They also now have levels with the power bar. They also have enchantment table which make you weapons powerful. You will need a bunch of experience to enchant items to make them good. Bookshelves make the enchantment table better. When you break book shelves they will drop 3 books. And now to 1.1! They “fixed” the ladders (they really made them worse) made the golden apples easier to make, added mob eggs on creative. Which allows you to spawn any mob you want. They added languages so now people can play form around the world. Now you can enchant bows to get REALLY GOOD ones. They smooth coloring between biomes and now if you shear a sheep the will eat grass and regenerate wool. Now apples drop from trees which is really nice. And finally make potions don’t take as much time.

Thanks for tuning in and look forward to next week!



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