Call of Duty : Black Ops – Zombies Review

One of the most best selling franchises has gotten me to play to play it. Now COD is usually just you battling against player and there is gun violence but its a war game and i guess people like it. I personally don’t like the basic idea of it. I like what feature they brought in World at War and Black Ops. This feature is called Zombies. Zombies can literally be its own game. To be honest i only play COD just for the zombies feature. There are 4 map in World at War that you can purchase in Black Ops. Black Ops has 2 maps and another 4 maps with there own cool little features. Like Moon there s little gravity, Call of the Dead there is this Huge guy chasing you, and Ascension which there are monkeys and Shangi la is just a bad map and nothing really special about it. So the objective is to kill zombies until you die. The rounds go on forever. So when you start out you get 500 points. There are barriers the zombies come through and can rebuilt them and get 10 points a piece. You get 10 points every shot. Every round zombies become more defensive so your guns will get more and more weak. There are 2 ways of getting guns. One way is off walls which means you can buy ammo and the other is the Mystery Box. The Mystery Box costs 950 points for a random gun. A Thunder Gun and the Ray Gun are the 2 best guns you can get and are extremely powerful but cant buy ammo for them. The mystery box will appear randomly through the map and after 10 uses you will get the teddy bear and will teleport to another room. Each room costs 750-1250. There are usually a good amount of doors per map and can lead to different guns and paths. Also every map there is power which allows to activate traps and lets you buy perks. There are a bunch and different ones per map. The most useful is jug and speed cola because jug gives you more defense and speed cola makes you reload faster. There is Mule Kick ( allows you to have 3 guns), PHD flopper which allows you not to take damage from explosions and lets you do a belly flop, Quick Revive ( when zombies over run you and get down a player can revive you quicker), Double Tap Root Bear which lets you shoot faster, and are much much more. The next thing is that there is machine called pack a punch and makes you weapon upgraded and a lot stronger. For every map there is a big thing you can do and involves a lot of work and is called an easter egg. Easter Eggs are really complicated and takes times. So the last thing to talk about is if all players die you end the game. This Game costs 40$ used and the maps cost 10-20A$ each. I cant rate this but i Highly recommend you get this its a lot of fun! And Don’t worry there is a control manual in the game so buy it to figure out the controls!



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