Bloons Tower Defense 5 – Game Review (Online Game)

This game is EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE. This game is really fun as well. This game is known as bloons tower defense 5. Yes there was 4 other games but this one is the best. This game is found on Now I recommend you make an account when you play this because you can save the game, get cash to buy helpers, and can literally buy stuff like continues, more cash, more hearts, etc. So when you start the game you get a choice of Easy, Medium and Hard. The difficulty effects the cost of items and the amount of levels until free play. I play on easy because it….easy. So any way you start of with 650$ and 200 hearts. So what you are suppose to do is to pop all the bloons  (Balloons) with monkeys. Every pop you get you get more money. Which means you can upgrade the monkey you have or can buy more. The bloons get more powerful every round they eventually turn into blimps which are extremely defensive. The only monkey that I recommend is the Super Monkey because they are powerful. Also the levels never end so good luck. Every time you pop a bloon you get exp. for ranks which let buy really POWERFUL upgrades for your monkeys. There is a lot of different maps and 3 modes you can play on. Each of which are unique. The last thing is that they have daily challenges and missions for you to beat for money to buy agents to help you in the game. Any way this game is free just go on to play and it is extremely fun. I cant rate it becuase for a game like this you cant rate.



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