Ascension (AKA LAUNCH) – COD Black Ops Zombies Map Review

Hey guys, remember the COD Black Ops Zombies Review I did? Well i’m going to focus on particular map. That map is Ascension. Its costs $16 on PC, Xbox, PS3, and Wii. This map was the first downloadable map for Black Ops. This map Introduced a couple things. First of the first map with an easter egg. An easter egg is where you do a bunch of hidden stuff and get something cool in return. Its also introduced the Black and White view until you turn on the power. Speaking of turning on the power, you can get 2 new perks introduced t this map. PHD Flopper (2000 points) and stamin up (2000 points). PHD Flopper lets you make an explosion when you dolphin dive of a ledge and lets you resist any explosions. And Stamin up lets you run faster and longer. They also added 2 new tactical weapons to the mystery box. The Geersh Device (Black Hole) and Russian Dolls ( Which are really powerful grenades. Now every 5 rounds once you buy a perk the space monkeys will come and try to kill you and take your perk and make you re buy them. Once you kill all of them they will give you a max ammo. If you kill all of them without them TOUCHING a perk you will get a free one. This map also has a mini easter egg to get to Pack a Punch. You have to ride all the lunar landers( The one you start the map with) and activate the launch switch at the power.

A good stratagy for this map is running a train by PHD Flopper.

Highest round on this map is 166

My highest round is 41.




The New IPAD!

Have you heard of the ipad?  Well the ipad is a tablet that is is expensive but really well made and fun to use. The Ipad 2 added alot of apps and experience to the it. And now the Ipad 3 the New Ipad added a little bit more that make it amazing. The New ipad added  a 4g thing so now it has faster internet. It added and 1080p HD video camera with a 5 MEAGPIXEL camera which is really high quality. The resolution of the New Ipad is 2048-by-1536 resolution which is 3.1 million pixels which is so far the best quality ever. The new i pad comes with photo booth so you take/edit pictures and video. The Ipad (If you want to play games) has expensive apps. They vary from 5 to 20$ for anHD app. The Ipad has icloud which lets you get any music from you computer of ipod to your ipad and same goes for apps. There is an app where you can read books and magazines and newspapers which is good if you like reading. They have face time too which works with internet lets you talk to your friends and family with your face showing! They have iphoto which is basically like photo booth but focuses more on the editing.

So that is he new Ipad with is EXPENSIVE. I would recommend a case too! This in my opinoion is the best tablet out right now, I rate this tablet a 10 out of 10! I hoped you enjoyed my review!


Gamecube GBA Player Attachment Review

Hey guys, today i’m going to talk about accessory for the Gamcube. To be honest the other day i bought the Gamecube just for the GBA (Game Boy Advanced) Player. The GBA is a Hand Held system that came out before the DS. So this attachment for your gamecube will let you play your hand held games on the big screen! When you get the GBA player you put it at the bottom of your Gamecube. The GBA player is just as wide as the Gamecube but is like an Inch in Height. Any way there is slots at the bottom of your Gamecube. So then you need a screw driver and screw the screws into position. Then MAKE SURE you have the disk to put in the Gamecube to make it work. So then under the controller thing there is a GBA game slot to put your games. Put on in and turn on the Gamecube and there you have it. To eject the game you inserted you pull the lever at the side of the GBA player. This GBA player is also compatible with GB and GBC games. So when you playing your game there is something that says “Press Z for Options.” If you press z you get a menu which allows you to change the frame of the game, to make the game full screen or regular, something to edit the graphics and thats basically it. I RECOMMEND this to anyone who has a Gamecube. I bought the Gamecube with the GBA player for 50$ used on ebay. Yes, they don’t have this in stores. But i highly recommend you buy it online. So if you like the gameboy this is something you NEED!!!