Ascension (AKA LAUNCH) – COD Black Ops Zombies Map Review

Hey guys, remember the COD Black Ops Zombies Review I did? Well i’m going to focus on particular map. That map is Ascension. Its costs $16 on PC, Xbox, PS3, and Wii. This map was the first downloadable map for Black Ops. This map Introduced a couple things. First of the first map with an easter egg. An easter egg is where you do a bunch of hidden stuff and get something cool in return. Its also introduced the Black and White view until you turn on the power. Speaking of turning on the power, you can get 2 new perks introduced t this map. PHD Flopper (2000 points) and stamin up (2000 points). PHD Flopper lets you make an explosion when you dolphin dive of a ledge and lets you resist any explosions. And Stamin up lets you run faster and longer. They also added 2 new tactical weapons to the mystery box. The Geersh Device (Black Hole) and Russian Dolls ( Which are really powerful grenades. Now every 5 rounds once you buy a perk the space monkeys will come and try to kill you and take your perk and make you re buy them. Once you kill all of them they will give you a max ammo. If you kill all of them without them TOUCHING a perk you will get a free one. This map also has a mini easter egg to get to Pack a Punch. You have to ride all the lunar landers( The one you start the map with) and activate the launch switch at the power.

A good stratagy for this map is running a train by PHD Flopper.

Highest round on this map is 166

My highest round is 41.




The New IPAD!

Have you heard of the ipad?  Well the ipad is a tablet that is is expensive but really well made and fun to use. The Ipad 2 added alot of apps and experience to the it. And now the Ipad 3 the New Ipad added a little bit more that make it amazing. The New ipad added  a 4g thing so now it has faster internet. It added and 1080p HD video camera with a 5 MEAGPIXEL camera which is really high quality. The resolution of the New Ipad is 2048-by-1536 resolution which is 3.1 million pixels which is so far the best quality ever. The new i pad comes with photo booth so you take/edit pictures and video. The Ipad (If you want to play games) has expensive apps. They vary from 5 to 20$ for anHD app. The Ipad has icloud which lets you get any music from you computer of ipod to your ipad and same goes for apps. There is an app where you can read books and magazines and newspapers which is good if you like reading. They have face time too which works with internet lets you talk to your friends and family with your face showing! They have iphoto which is basically like photo booth but focuses more on the editing.

So that is he new Ipad with is EXPENSIVE. I would recommend a case too! This in my opinoion is the best tablet out right now, I rate this tablet a 10 out of 10! I hoped you enjoyed my review!


Gamecube GBA Player Attachment Review

Hey guys, today i’m going to talk about accessory for the Gamcube. To be honest the other day i bought the Gamecube just for the GBA (Game Boy Advanced) Player. The GBA is a Hand Held system that came out before the DS. So this attachment for your gamecube will let you play your hand held games on the big screen! When you get the GBA player you put it at the bottom of your Gamecube. The GBA player is just as wide as the Gamecube but is like an Inch in Height. Any way there is slots at the bottom of your Gamecube. So then you need a screw driver and screw the screws into position. Then MAKE SURE you have the disk to put in the Gamecube to make it work. So then under the controller thing there is a GBA game slot to put your games. Put on in and turn on the Gamecube and there you have it. To eject the game you inserted you pull the lever at the side of the GBA player. This GBA player is also compatible with GB and GBC games. So when you playing your game there is something that says “Press Z for Options.” If you press z you get a menu which allows you to change the frame of the game, to make the game full screen or regular, something to edit the graphics and thats basically it. I RECOMMEND this to anyone who has a Gamecube. I bought the Gamecube with the GBA player for 50$ used on ebay. Yes, they don’t have this in stores. But i highly recommend you buy it online. So if you like the gameboy this is something you NEED!!!


Bloons Tower Defense 5 – Game Review (Online Game)

This game is EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE. This game is really fun as well. This game is known as bloons tower defense 5. Yes there was 4 other games but this one is the best. This game is found on Now I recommend you make an account when you play this because you can save the game, get cash to buy helpers, and can literally buy stuff like continues, more cash, more hearts, etc. So when you start the game you get a choice of Easy, Medium and Hard. The difficulty effects the cost of items and the amount of levels until free play. I play on easy because it….easy. So any way you start of with 650$ and 200 hearts. So what you are suppose to do is to pop all the bloons  (Balloons) with monkeys. Every pop you get you get more money. Which means you can upgrade the monkey you have or can buy more. The bloons get more powerful every round they eventually turn into blimps which are extremely defensive. The only monkey that I recommend is the Super Monkey because they are powerful. Also the levels never end so good luck. Every time you pop a bloon you get exp. for ranks which let buy really POWERFUL upgrades for your monkeys. There is a lot of different maps and 3 modes you can play on. Each of which are unique. The last thing is that they have daily challenges and missions for you to beat for money to buy agents to help you in the game. Any way this game is free just go on to play and it is extremely fun. I cant rate it becuase for a game like this you cant rate.


Call of Duty : Black Ops – Zombies Review

One of the most best selling franchises has gotten me to play to play it. Now COD is usually just you battling against player and there is gun violence but its a war game and i guess people like it. I personally don’t like the basic idea of it. I like what feature they brought in World at War and Black Ops. This feature is called Zombies. Zombies can literally be its own game. To be honest i only play COD just for the zombies feature. There are 4 map in World at War that you can purchase in Black Ops. Black Ops has 2 maps and another 4 maps with there own cool little features. Like Moon there s little gravity, Call of the Dead there is this Huge guy chasing you, and Ascension which there are monkeys and Shangi la is just a bad map and nothing really special about it. So the objective is to kill zombies until you die. The rounds go on forever. So when you start out you get 500 points. There are barriers the zombies come through and can rebuilt them and get 10 points a piece. You get 10 points every shot. Every round zombies become more defensive so your guns will get more and more weak. There are 2 ways of getting guns. One way is off walls which means you can buy ammo and the other is the Mystery Box. The Mystery Box costs 950 points for a random gun. A Thunder Gun and the Ray Gun are the 2 best guns you can get and are extremely powerful but cant buy ammo for them. The mystery box will appear randomly through the map and after 10 uses you will get the teddy bear and will teleport to another room. Each room costs 750-1250. There are usually a good amount of doors per map and can lead to different guns and paths. Also every map there is power which allows to activate traps and lets you buy perks. There are a bunch and different ones per map. The most useful is jug and speed cola because jug gives you more defense and speed cola makes you reload faster. There is Mule Kick ( allows you to have 3 guns), PHD flopper which allows you not to take damage from explosions and lets you do a belly flop, Quick Revive ( when zombies over run you and get down a player can revive you quicker), Double Tap Root Bear which lets you shoot faster, and are much much more. The next thing is that there is machine called pack a punch and makes you weapon upgraded and a lot stronger. For every map there is a big thing you can do and involves a lot of work and is called an easter egg. Easter Eggs are really complicated and takes times. So the last thing to talk about is if all players die you end the game. This Game costs 40$ used and the maps cost 10-20A$ each. I cant rate this but i Highly recommend you get this its a lot of fun! And Don’t worry there is a control manual in the game so buy it to figure out the controls!


New Minecraft

When I reviewed Minecraft it was still in its beta 1.8. But now its in Minecraft 1.1. Yes there was an update 1.0 but not much was added. Anyway I will talk about everything that happened. So in villages now there’s villagers. They re added the snow biome. They enhanced the swamp biome. They added mushroom biomes where Mooshrooms will appear ( New Mob) which drops ALOT of items. The Mushroom biome is made out of Mycelium and has a bunch of huge mushrooms. Also no if you have 2 snow blocks and a pumpkin and stack them they will make a snow golem ( New Mob) which throws snow balls at enemies. They added new sounds to endermen and silver fish. And added the end which has the first boss in the game the enderdragon. It has 20,000 hearts and is difficult to defeat. The end has endstone and a bunch of endermen with a bunch of obsidian pillars. They added more to the nether. They added 2 mobs and a bunch of items. The 2 mobs are Magma Cubes and Blaze which drop items for potions which is also a new feature. They also now have levels with the power bar. They also have enchantment table which make you weapons powerful. You will need a bunch of experience to enchant items to make them good. Bookshelves make the enchantment table better. When you break book shelves they will drop 3 books. And now to 1.1! They “fixed” the ladders (they really made them worse) made the golden apples easier to make, added mob eggs on creative. Which allows you to spawn any mob you want. They added languages so now people can play form around the world. Now you can enchant bows to get REALLY GOOD ones. They smooth coloring between biomes and now if you shear a sheep the will eat grass and regenerate wool. Now apples drop from trees which is really nice. And finally make potions don’t take as much time.

Thanks for tuning in and look forward to next week!


My top 5 video games for Nintendo!

So these are my top 5 nintendo games. There are so many to choose from. So its ok if you disagree because there are ALOT of game they have made. So lets start!

So #5 goes to the Pokemon RPG Gaming Franchise.

Pokemon games for the gameboy and Ds are amazing. All of the games are excellent so I give the Pokemon RPG games a 5 because there are good and bad ones. For example Pokemon Black and Pokemon Emerald were good. But Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were pretty bad.

#4 goes to Super Mario Galaxy

This game is unique but doesn’t deserve  1st because Its not a long game. Don’t get me wrong it long, but not as long as my #1. But it has extremely creative levels. Plus its a fun game. You will never get bored of this because of all of its creative levels.

#3 goes to Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask and Ocarina of Time.

I have 2 game for this because Majoras Mask take place after Ocarina of time. They both have the same characters, enemies, and gameplay. Don’t Worry I will review these game but for now I will say Majors Mask is more fun and has more secrets than ocarina of time. But Ocarina of time to me is longer. I don’t know if its because when i beat it i had had no one helping me but anyways this was #3.

#2 goes to Super Mario Sunshine.

This Game i used to hate until i played it. The controls are amazing and so is the gameplay and the creativity put into this game. Anyway look forward to a review of this game too.

AND #1 goes to …… PIKMIN 2.

This Game is so addictive. And is a really long game. The graphics, controls, the length, the gameplay are the best! This game will never let you get bored . But it can make you mad. But anyway look forward to this game reviewed in a couple of weeks!