Angry Birds : App Review

This week were going to talk about Angry Birds.Angry Bids is a game about evil pigs stealing the bird eggs. The objective is to fight through the levels and try to get to the last level and get the eggs back. Now each level contains obstacles and a different amount of pigs. There is also a 3 star system. If you get enough points by killing pigs or breaking a lot of obstacles you will get 3 stars. Now as a side note getting 3 stars can be difficult at time to time. Now the game play is easy. You get a slingshot and some birds with you. You have to aim with the slingshot to shoot the bird to kill the pigs. Just so you are not confused you have to use you finger to pull the sling shot and shoot the bird. Here is a picture so you get confused.There are also different kinds of pigs but there are mostly just more defensive.

You start out with the Red Bird which is a normal bird and doesn’t have a special ability if you tap on the screen. But if you tap the screen with a Red Bird will just do a battle cry. But to my knowledge the red bird can go through wooden boxes easier than most birds. Yes there are more birds, And as I said before the other birds will have a special ability if you tap on the screen. You unlock these Birds by progressing through the levels.If I must mention there are chapters and each chapter has about 20 levels i’m not exactly sure.  Now lets talk about the Blue Bird which is a smaller bird than most of them but if you tap the screen the Blue Bird will spit into 3 birds and the smash through ice better than other birds.

Next is the Yellow bird and when you tap it , it will go speeding and can smash really and thing except cement blocks. But I think i’m wrong I think Yellow Birds Can Plow though wooden stuff.


Next is the Black Bird Which can explode if you tap the screen but if you don’t it will smash through blocks and then blow up.

Now the Next one is the White bird which when you tap the screen the White Bird will drop Eggs that explodes when hits something.

Now even if you beat the game you will still have more levels to play. In these levels you will unlock the Boomerang Bird (Green Bird) and the Big Brother Bird. The Boomerang Bird comes back like a Boomerang when you tap the screen. It come back and what ever is in the birds way will get demolished.

Now the Final Bird is the Big Brother Bird and basically Brakes/Kills anything that it come in contact with. Again when you tap the screen all the bird does is a battle cry.

Now There are golden eggs you can get witch unlock different levels. The eggs are pretty hard to find. And there are 3 game of angry birds including this one.They are called Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, And Angry Birds Rio. They are all basically the same except different landscapes. There is a secret bird you can get if you pay for it. It Plows through everything literally thats why it costs money. It kills all the pigs in one shot too. Its called the Mighty Eagle.

Angry Birds Costs $5 and it is available for a free download except you don’t get as much levels. Its also Available For Ipad. My Opinion this game has so much love and is EXTREMELY overrated. Sometimes the game makes you mad and the touch screen controls can get difficult. I mean really this game is the most popular game for the ipod and I do not know why. This Game is making more merchandise than they are games. The other games I will not review but Angry Birds Rio costs $2 and Angry Bird Seasons Cost $1. Its Probably dropping prices because they make so much money. I give this Franchise 7/10.

SHhhh heres a spoiler for the next game….

 … the ORANGE BIRD….

– Waterwraithgamer