Gamecube GBA Player Attachment Review

Hey guys, today i’m going to talk about accessory for the Gamcube. To be honest the other day i bought the Gamecube just for the GBA (Game Boy Advanced) Player. The GBA is a Hand Held system that came out before the DS. So this attachment for your gamecube will let you play your hand held games on the big screen! When you get the GBA player you put it at the bottom of your Gamecube. The GBA player is just as wide as the Gamecube but is like an Inch in Height. Any way there is slots at the bottom of your Gamecube. So then you need a screw driver and screw the screws into position. Then MAKE SURE you have the disk to put in the Gamecube to make it work. So then under the controller thing there is a GBA game slot to put your games. Put on in and turn on the Gamecube and there you have it. To eject the game you inserted you pull the lever at the side of the GBA player. This GBA player is also compatible with GB and GBC games. So when you playing your game there is something that says “Press Z for Options.” If you press z you get a menu which allows you to change the frame of the game, to make the game full screen or regular, something to edit the graphics and thats basically it. I RECOMMEND this to anyone who has a Gamecube. I bought the Gamecube with the GBA player for 50$ used on ebay. Yes, they don’t have this in stores. But i highly recommend you buy it online. So if you like the gameboy this is something you NEED!!!