Minecraft Mob’s (Part 2)

In this blog I will be showing you part 2 of the Minecraft Mob’s. This part I will be showing the Aggressive Enemies (Enemies that attack you when sighted).

First we have the most annoying the Creeper.They spawn in the dark.The Creeper Explodes when it is too close to you. It wont destroy Obsidian and Bedrock. It does not make any sound. But if it’s at least 1 block near you it will hiss and will have 1.5 seconds to run before it explodes.The Creeper has different size explosions depended on if you’re on Easy,Normal,or Hard. The Creeper has 10 Hearts and deals 5 1/2 Hearts on Easy,10 Hearts on Normal, and 10 1/2 on Hearts on Hard.They do that amount when right next to you. The damage can Vary depending how close they are to you.They drop (0-2) Gunpowder on Death and a Musical Disc When Killed by a Skeleton.

Next is the Zombie.They spawn in the dark.The Zombie has 10 Hearts and deals out 1 Heart on Easy, 2 1/2 on Normal, and 3 1/2 on Hard. The Zombie will walk towards you with your arms up and if it touches you, you will get hurt. The zombies do make a sound so you can be alerted if they are near you. They will drop (0-2) Rotten Flesh which has a 80% chance of poising your food bar. Also when it’s day they will burn.

Next Is a Skeleton. They spawn in the dark. They have 10 Hearts and deal out 1 Heart on Easy, 2 Hearts on Normal, and 3 Heats on Hard. What makes them annoying is that they have Bows and arrows, and thats there method of attacking. And when they fire an arrow they will hide. They sound like Hallow tube clacking. They die in the sun as well. They drop (0-2) Arrows and (0-2) Bones.

Next is the Spider. Spiders have 10 Hearts and deal out 1/2 Heart on Easy,1 Heart on Normal, and 2 1/2 on Hard.T  They are Very fast compared to the other enemies. They spawn in the dark. A cool thing is they don’t attack when it’s light. During the day they are neutral enemies. They Drop (0-2) String on Death.

Now next up is a weird minecraft enemy, Slime.There are different sizes of Slimes. Tiny Slimes which are 0.6 blocks big. They have 1/2 a Heart and deal out 0 Hearts. Next is Small Slimes which are 1.2 blocks big. Have 2 Hearts and deal out 1 Heart. Finally we have a Big Slime which 2.4 blocks big. They Have 8 Hearts and deal out 2 Heats. The weird thing is is that they will slit up to there smaller forms when you find them. Also when they are at the tiny stage thats when drop (0-2) Slime Balls. They spawn in they the dark spawn on specific chucks. So they are pretty rare to find.

Next up is a Spider Jockey. Its called Spider Jockey because its a Skeleton and top of a Spider. Which Mean they are though. So they have 20 Hearts and deal out on direct contact 1 1/2 Hearts. But remember the Skeleton can shoot arrows. They have a 1% chance of finding. On Death it will drop (0-2) String, (0-2) Arrows, and (0-2) Bones.

Next is a Ghast. Spawn anywhere in the Nether and only in the Nether. They shoot out Magma Balls which is there method of attacking. Oh Yeah.. IT CAN FLY! So the only way to kill is with a Bow and Arrows. Unless he comes down to you then you can kill it with your sword. And if it flies into the lava. They have Hearts and deal out 4 1/2 Hearts. They drop (0-2) Gunpowder.

Next is a Silver Fish. Which was recently added to Minecraft. They drop nothing. They have 10 Hearts and deal out 1/2 a Heart. They spawn rarely in Strongholds. And if you mine a block and they appear they will keep on spawning unless you cover the block or mine it. They make the same sound as Spiders do for now.

Finally its a Blue spider or in Mine craft they call it a Cave Spider. They were recently added also. They are only found in Mine shafts and drop (0-2) String. They are smaller than usual Spiders. They have 10 Hearts and deal out on Easy 1/2 Heart, Normal they do 1 Heart, and on Hard they do 1 1/2 Hearts. They are venomous which means when they attack you your health bars turn yellow and lose health every 1/2 a second. But if your food bar is full you will survive 1/2 Heart when your poisoned. So make sure your food bar is full when your fighting them.

Well thats all the enemies. This is my last Minecraft blog until Minecraft 1.9 comes out. I hoped you Enjoyed because this took me a while. So see you guys next week!


Minecraft Mob’s (Part 1)

Now since I talked about Minecraft let’s talk about the mob’s other know as enemies. I am going to talk about each mob more throughly. EVERY enemy drops experience orb’s, if you don’t know what those are look at my “MineCraft Review : PC/MAC”. So we’ll talk about the passive enemies (Which means they will never attack you).Every passive enemy exempt 1 needs at least 9 Grass Blocks to spawn.

First up are Pigs Which have 5 Hearts.Pigs have a cool ability where you can put a sattle on them (only found in a dungeon) you can ride on the pigs back but you can control where it goes. Pigs will drop (0-2) Raw Pork Chop which can be cooked in a Furnace in to an edible Cooked Pork Chop. Not that it’s not edible but Raw Pork Chops recover less of the food meter and has a 10% chance of poisoning. When a pig dies to fire it will drop (0-2) Cooked Pork Chop.

Next are Chicken Which have 2 Hearts. Chicken will drop (1) Raw Chicken when cooked turns into Cooked Chicken. Also will drop (0-2) Feathers. And If the chicken dies to fire the Chicken will drop (1) Cooked Chicken. Every 5-10 minutes when the Chicken is alive it will drop randomly an egg which if you get lucky enough can turn into a Chicken eventually.

Next is a Cow Which has 5 Hearts. Cow’s drop (1-3) Raw Beef when cooked it turns into Steak. Also will drop (0-2) Leather and when a Cow dies to fire it will drop (1-3) Steak. If you have a Bucket and Right Click on the Cow you will get Bucket of Milk used for Cake.

Next is a Sheep which has 5 Heart’s. Sheep’s drop (1) Wool on death and with a Sheer the Sheep drops (2-4) Wool. Wool can make Painting and Bed’s and String and to be honest I think they should drop Lam Chops. Wool doesn’t seem like enough to me. But you can dye Wool with a bunch of different items. Thats usually used for Pixel Art. But you can also find Light Gray Sheep (5%),Gray Sheep (5%),Black Sheep (5%),Brown Sheep (3%), and Pink Sheep extremely difficult to find with a 0.16% chance of finding. If you are wondering a White Sheep (Regular Kind of Sheep) has a 81.84% chance of finding.

So next up is A squid which can only be found in water and has 5 Heart’s. They will drop (0-3) Ink Sac’s used for dying Wool.

Now Next is Fish. Right now they don’t have a sprite but can get them with a Fishing rod get Raw Fish when you cook them you get Cooked Fish.

Next up are Neutral enemies which means they wont attack unless you attack.

First up are Wolve’s or as I refer to them Dog’s.They spawn in grass area’s. They have 4 heart’s and when they attack they do 1 Heart. They do not drop anything but have a really cool feature. If you you give them a bone (obtained by a skeleton) and they will fight and travel with you. When they are tamed they will have 10 Hearts and when they battle they do 2 Hearts. I they are injured Right click them with food and they will heal. How you can tell how much health they have is the tail. If it’s tail is high that mean it has a lot of health. When the tail is low they are low on tail. When you attack them when they are not tamed all of the wolf’s around you will attack you. They have 3 forms there regular form (down below), a tamed form with a collar around it’s neck, and an angered wolf which growls and gets red eyes.

Next Enemy can be  found in the nether unless a pig is struck by lighting. This enemy is a Zombie Pig Man which is a Pig Man and a Zombie combined. Zombie Pig Man has 10 Hearts and deal’s out 1 Heart on Easy,2 1/2 Hearts on Normal, and 3 1/2 Heart’s on Hard. They drop (0-2) Cooked Pork Chop.They will spawn anywhere in the nether randomly. Rumored in a later update they will drop something else than Cooked Pork Shop. Make sure you attack them when no other’s are around because all of them will try to attack you.

Finally of all the neutral enemies we come to are last which is the Enderman which are 3 block’s tall.They have the sound of a zombie but that will be fixed in beat 1.9. They spawn at light level 7 or less (when it get’s dark). They have 10 Hearts and deal 1 Heart on Easy, 2 1/2 Hearts on Normal, and 3 1/2  Hearts on Hard. They drop (0-1) Ender Pearl which currently have no use. What make’s them annoying is that they pick up a block’s you place and one’s that are naturally there and you cant get the held item back even when you kill them. Also they die in the water. They also attack when you look them in the eye’s and look away they will teleport to you and attempt to kill you with there jaws open. If you attack one only that one will try to kill you not all of them.They were introduced in the latest update 1.8 (thats why they sound like zombies), so they are  new enemies.Tip: If you where a pumpkin on your head the endermanwont attack if you are looking at it. Interesting enemy if I say so my self .                                                                                                                                                                  

Stay Tune For Aggressive Enemies aka: Minecraft MobsPart 2 Next Week!!!!!!

MineCraft : Game Review (PC And MAC)

There is a game called Minecraft. As the name applies it’s basically about MINING and CRAFTING. Minecraft is a game made up of blocks and there is not really any objective. There is a lot of crafting recipes, thats how you usually mine and build you masterpiece’s. By masterpiece I mean sculptures, buildings, house’s, etc. So the sort of objective’s are mining, building, and exploring. Now the game is kind of a geographically  correct but it’s fictional. It’s geographically correct by it having the same landscapes earth would have. Like first you dig dirt/sand then find stone(which turn’s in to cobble stone when you mine it). Then might find in that process coal, iron, lapis lazuli, red stone (used for wiring) ,gold, diamond, and the very bottom is bedrock which you cant break. You can store those rare items  in a chest. When you explore you will find cave’s,stronghold’s,dungeons, abandoned mine shafts,villages,ravines and much much more (The strongholds are very very rare to find) . In these places I just mentioned you might find chest’s with rare items.

Now when I said  fictional I meant the enemies in the game.  There are creeper’s(which blow up when to close to you), zombies,spiders,blue spider’s,skeleton’s,enderman, spider jockey (1% rarity of spawning), silverfish and probably much more I haven’t mentioned. So they all try to kill you and when you die you lose all you items, you can regain them if you found the place you died. Now there is a place called the nether. To get there will need about 16 obsidian(obtained by mixing still lava with water) and a flint and steel. When you make it there are 2 new enemies not found in the real world. They are ghast’s and zombie pigman. Make sure you don’t attack the zombie pigman or all of them will try to kill you.Also the nether is full of lava and lava can kill you. So if you are wondering most of the enemies drop items. Most of the items are food and thats how you gain health back. Also the enemies I listed are found at night or in the dark. So on grass during the day cows,pigs,chickens,dogs,sheep, etc. Most of them drop food as well.

Enemies That Try To Kill You

The dogs I mentioned have a cool feature. You will need to have a bone (which obtained by a skeleton) and feed it to the dogs they will travel and fight with you. There are also squids and fish that spawn in water. There are also large biomes such as swamps,deserts,ocean’s,mushroom,snowy, and much more biomes.There are also whether like snow and rain and there are river’s. Thats just for now.

Now there are 2 mode’s, creative and survival. Creative they give you a list of every item and it’s basically just for building anything you want. Survival is for you to survive and find items. The controls are “W,A,S,D” to control the way you move.”Right click” to place blocks and “Left click” is to break the item’s in front of you. “Space bar” to jump, “Shift” is to move slowly so you don’t fall an edge, and “Q” is to get rid of the item you have. There is also a multiplayer mode and can use “T” to talk and “Tab” to see who’s playing with you. Things you should know every enemy drop’s experience orbs and you have an experience bar. The experience bar currently doesn’t do anything.There is also a food bar. To regain health you need the food bar full. You lose health if its empty.

Now When You Press “E” it opens your inventory. This is what it look’s like so I can go in to better detail. So Where it says crafting thats where you craft the basic’s (Torches,Sticks,Wood Planks.etc.) on a 2×2 grid.But With those Wooden Planks (Gathered by Chopping Trees) you will want make a crafting table. The Crafting Table will give you a 3×3 grid where you can make more advanced items.So on left you will see 4 boxes, thats where you put you armor (made by using a crafting table). Armor give’s you more health.For the rest of to boxes thats you store your items. The bottom part is where you put the items your using and use 1-9 to select them.

Down side’s are the shadowing on item’s and chests. Ever since the recent update the chest’s turn black and are turned to the side(do the new chest animation). The shadowing make’s it so when you put stair’s or fences down the block next to it is dark. Also when a painting touches the ceiling the painting will turn black. And Minecraft is way to popular which isn’t fun when tons of people want to play with you. Lighting problems aren’t  that bad I can live with it, but they should fix it.

Minecraft is still in its Beta form (1.8 is it’s current form and 1.9 is coming out soon). So they keep on adding new features until the full version comes out. But that means the game is 25% cheaper. This game is for PC and Mac and cost’s about 20 dollars right now.The creator of the game is Notch. The game was in its indev form in May 2009- August 2010,it’s alpha form in August 2010-December 2010, and now in its beta since December 2010-??????????????. In November MineCraft will be in it’s full form! So I hope you like this game. If you are wondering how to craft some of these items type on a search engine “Crafting Recipes Minecraft” the first one that comes up should be http://www.minecraftwiki.net. Hope that help’s.

This is a GREAT game with with really no flaws so I give Minecraft a 8.5/10